Governance Center for Public Policies

a governance research institution and one of the centers of thinking and quality research work (Think Tank), it seeks to effectively contribute in supporting the sustainable development orientations, and assisting the governance efforts and good management . it also contributes in creating Social awareness towards the strategic issues in Iraq and works with its stakeholders to support achieving a developmental environment based on civil rights, freedom, democracy and strengthen the role of the private sector, support the issues of women and disadvantaged groups, realize the requirements of social peace and the rule of law, supporting good institutional management through building bridges between those who have creative ideas and the ones in need for them, in the light of that taking care of applied intellectual creativity that serve the directions of growth and development efforts.


To be the leading supplier of solutions and policy formulation and capacity building. 


We are working on to be the source of the Iraqi experience to provide scientific and practical consultancy to contribute meeting the requirements of achieving comprehensive development, and upgrading structures and institutions at the governmental and community levels, aiming to build an integrated, realistic and objective perspective in different public policy sectors, reaching a level of planning, implementation, and evaluation rise to the ranks of advanced experiences in these areas.


The organization directs its efforts and provides services and programs through studying the government’s performance and the work of the government apparatus, and strive to develop and update it in a sustainable way, to be able to implement development plans, and serve the citizens, and boost their confidence in it, based on transparency, integrity and efficiency and the rule of law, responsibility and accountability, leading to the rationalization of power, stability of its institutions, and using technical mechanisms, and improve its claims, and the gravity of its objectives.


What has been mentioned earlier cannot be achieved without developing effective community organizations, influential, specialized and active cadres that can monitor and diagnose and correct work and the performance of public institutions, offering successful visions and alternatives and options, practice a clear and effective role in promoting the transitional process and strengthening democracy in the path of building a state of law and citizenship.

The center presents its work in the public policy in the following way:

Policy papers: are brief papers dealing with issues and reality problems with an objective and scientific vision and provides practical applicable solutions and treatments after diagnosing the problems and putting suitable decision alternatives.

Situation evaluation paper: is a written evaluation based on certified and analyzed data supported by optional opinions that are submitted in the right time to the concerned bodies to take decisions. The situation evaluation is subject to a series of stages that occur in a certain way, and is not based on mere estimation; it ends with a process of formulating alternative opinions. Then the evaluation will be raised for the decision maker leadership as the start would be with the situation and analysis, then analyzing the connective relations of dimensions and value or evaluate) priority for each dimension, then look into the importance and worthiness of having an evaluation stage , or just put it under another outcomes like the report. 

Reports: the center prepares reports per situations and urgency in advice or achievement, like providing information, explaining certain phenomena, or overview of new ideas or suggest new suggestions, or study a problem quickly and briefly.

Lectures: there are some issues and visions or training conditions that are provided through scientific and structured lectures to raise the performance level of the decision maker and provide him/ her with vision. 

Projects: the Governance Center for Public policies works in partnership with the national fund for supporting democracy (NED group) to do workshops, national conferences about seven national issues.

1. National Reconciliation – the center held a number of workshops for this topic in (Baghdad, Babil, ThiQar and Basrah) in addition to a regional conference in Baghdad. 

2. The Civil peace – as the center held a group of workshops for this topic in (Baghdad, Babil, ThiQar and Basrah) in addition to a regional conference in Baghdad. 

3. The Governance center within his partnership program with (NED) has numerous workshops in Baghdad and the other provinces about several issues: election system, parties law, economic policy, combat corruption, education policies.

a. Governance center held a conference about the reform of the agriculture sector and livestock in Iraq in collaboration with the provincial Council .

b. Governance center participated within Shahrazad Campaign held by the iraqi women journalists forum about the protection and safety of women journalists and defenders of Human Rights .

c. Governance Center took part in preparing and drafting the strategy of national reconciliation with the prime Minister’s office in collaboration with Finnish Organization (CMI).

d. Governance Center participated in Iraqi Forum for Intellectuals & Academics Conference held in Istanbul about women issues. 

The official e-mail for the Governance center for Public Policies is and for more information about our center you can visit our website 



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